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15W Plasma Music Wireless Power Transmission Across Air Horn Lighting For Tesla Coil Module

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Description: Tesla on the basis of the general increase in music playback function, you can play mobile phone / computer music, the sound quality is clear. Small size, complete function, can be a long time uninterrupted work Feature: Power: 15W Power input: DC 15-24v Current: 2A Audio input: 3.5 sockets, MP3, computer, mobile phone can receive audio Size: 78 x 75 x 39mm Note: 1, The product is safe, power is not high, not because of electric shock injuries, but don't touch the top of the arc coil, there will be a burning sensation. 2, After a long time, please do not touch the heat sink, the temperature is very high, especially the use of 24V high voltage heating huge, set aside a fan interface, if necessary, please add cooling fan. 3, Is not recommended in the Tesla coil when working the body or other objects near the coil, the coil side half meters blank not other objects, because other objects as a good guide for the formation of good experience of coil loop coil, energy absorption, the Tesla coil then shows worse or unable to demonstrate. 4, Do not put the phone, MP3 and other electronic equipment near the coil, or the coil will interfere with the high-frequency magnetic field, making the phone, MP3 and other equipment failure or even damage. Package included: 1 x Module 1 x Wire 1 x Adapter

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